Basore Grace Brethren Church

From Doubt To Praise

February 13, 2022
During the disciples' time of doubt and need... - Jesus appeared and strengthened them with peace and knowledge of His word. (vv.36-45) - Jesus commissioned and strengthened them as witnesses…

On the Road to Emmaus

February 6, 2022
On the road to Emmaus, we learn of... 1. ... the incompleteness of the believer's knowledge (vv.13-26) Application 2. ... the necessity of expounding God's Word concerning Christ (v.27) Application…

Crucified & Coming

January 23, 2022
1. We ought to mourn the Lord's coming judgment on those who reject Him (vv.26-33) Application 2. But, forgiveness is still available to those who repent (vv.34-49) Application