Basore Grace Brethren Church

Meet Our Staff

Shannon Horst

Senior Pastor


Shannon Horst is the senior pastor of Basore Road Grace Brethren Church. Shannon grew up in rural eastern Pennsylvania with his wonderful parents and his favorite (and only) younger sister. After graduating from high school, he took some time off to work. The goal was to take time off and save money for college. However, this isn’t how things worked out. Years past and he met his wife Stephanie, who was at that time attending Lancaster Bible College. Soon after the two were married, Shannon enrolled in LBC in their Pre-Seminary program. His time at Lancaster Bible College wasn’t easy. Since he held a full-time job and was a newlywed, he could only take one class at a time. This caused Shannon to appreciate his education even more.

All through school Shannon became more and more convinced of the call the Lord placed in his life. He has been active within the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches in various ways and loves the joys and challenges that ministry has to offer. Shannon now lives in the Dayton area with his lovely wife and five children. They are getting used to life in Ohio, although Shannon’s not sure about rooting for the Bengals…he’s an Eagles fan at heart . Shannon has a burning desire to preach the Word of God and sincerely hopes to see you in church Sunday morning.

Pastor Shannon Horst can be reached at e-mail address